Why do workshops, courses or day retreats?

Learn from the best

We are very lucky that in 2016 we started our workshop schedule & have had the pleasure of hosting several teachers, who’ve come to teach special workshops in their signature styles. Spending time with experienced teachers is always a treat, not only for the experience but also for the convenience of it being in your studio. Every teacher brings something different to the mat & it’s always nice to get a fresh perspective.

Build communityworkshops at looseyoga

Workshops offer a little more space & time to build community and friendships as well, it’s a wonderful place to meet with like-minded local people, with similar lifestyles and interests.


Workshops & courses are a fantastic forum to voice your questions. Questions open up a dialogue & highlight the areas you are curious about. Your teacher can demonstrate & discuss the topics in detail with student interacting. Questions, whilst often not appropriate in a class environment are a great way to get involved, clarify & integrate what you’re learning at the studio.