Retreat Feedback & Photos

“This retreat was amazing from beginning to end. From the grand Brookland barns venue to the menus cooked by the skilful chef, everything was top notch! With the possibilities of adding massages or treatments and the wonderful yoga classes of Lucy, there is nothing you won’t fall in love with! Can’t recommend this retreat enough!” Manu

“I would like to thank you, as well as Louise, Jo, the Cashew cooking team and the Beauty team for an extraordinary weekend. This weekend was truly and simply wonderful, I generally think that I have never felt this relaxed, grateful, grounded and generally simply smiling – all at the same time for an entire weekend in a long long time…”  Barbara

“The retreat was absolutely fantastic – I had been so looking forward to it and knew as soon as i arrived and saw you gals in your lounge pants and slipper boots that it was going to be right up my street! The venue and location was perfect, and I know we all kept saying it, but really, the food was truly amazing – made all the more of a treat because it was such high quality veggie food and so for most of us probably very different to how we normally eat. And last but not least, the yoga was excellent. I haven’t been to a class for about two months, and would never have described myself as anything more than novice, but five sessions over two days really compounded my love of yoga, and i also think i improved a little!  I enjoyed all of the sessions, but particularly the sunday am one as it highlighted to me the progress i’d made in a short amount of time in terms of balance, strength and confidence.  Your narrative was instructive, educational, supportive, natural and warm.  I have been to some quite ‘functional’ yoga classes, but your style is exactly what i would hope for from from a yoga teacher.” Nikki