New to Yoga?

LOOSEYoga Introductory Offer

£25 for two weeks unlimited access to all scheduled, weekly classes. As many classes as you  like on any day, at any time, for 15 days.

The New Yogi 15 Day initial offer activates on the day you attend your first class.

Once you have completed your first 15 days, you have the opportunity to buy a 6 month New Member unlimited pass for £50p/month if purchased before your 15 days ends. Or just walk away.

New Member Benefits:

  1. £50 per month for 6 months, with full membership benefits, taken from your debit card on the same day each month by auto-pay.
  2. At the end of the 6 months, no more money will be taken & you can buy a regular membership (using your 15% discount as a new member) or walk away.
  3. Our usual memberships are £70 or £85 per month.
  4. New Members receive 15% discount on workshops & 5% discount on props from our online shop.
  5. £50 a month is £1.67 per day for as many classes as you like in the month.

The New Yogi Offer Activates on the day you attend your first class.

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