Hot Yoga

Magdalena ShashankasanaDoing yoga in our heated room is similar to sitting in the sun, it’s a wonderful heat that makes your bones feel warm, especially lovely in winter. Heated environments increase your pulse rate & metabolism & allow your blood vessels to become more flexible. That makes circulation easier & increases blood flow to the limbs. Cold muscles can become injured more easily than warmed-up ones, so the heat of a hot yoga class allows your body to move more freely. Although you will get hot, the act of sweating helps control your internal body temperature. Our hot studio operates at 32-36°C.

Bikram Yoga used to only be taught in Bikram studios with a licence, which LOOSEYoga is not. We are not as hot, between 27 & 34 instead of 45 Celsius. We aren’t scripted, we teach all yogic methods & each class will be themed on a philosophical principle or anatomical focus, our teachers have a vaster knowledge of yoga as a whole, rather than one’s man’s interpretation (not that his teachings are not valid). If you are looking for Bikram Yoga, best you look for a Bikram studio!

We have more Warm Classes these days than Hot, feedback has suggested the warmth is useful but too hot is too draining. See our timetable here.

A recent piece in the New York Times highlighted some major problems facing Bikram Yoga studio owners & now many wish to distance themselves from the namesake.  So there’s more hot yoga about, than Bikram nowadays.

At LOOSEYoga we have some slower flow-style yoga classes which involve transitioning from one pose to another through a sequence called vinyasa, in which you move to plank pose, down through high-to-low push-up & up to cobra pose & downward-facing dog. Vinyasa helps your muscles stay warm & flexible in a studio of normal temperature but some people find this kind of sequence too tiring in heat & would rather just do individual poses, one after another, without the transition. Yoga postures practiced without the Vinyasa transition would be called a Hatha style of practice just like our assortment of Hatha based classes. Try a few different classes to see what you prefer.